I had a birthday. I am seven. Time flies when you’re peeing on things!

I got a new stuffed catnip mouse, some dried catnip stalks and buds and a bunch of feathers and other toys.

Here are my pictures with Molly (dilute calico) and Emma (poonchy smoked tuxedo).

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National Hairball Awareness Day 2013


It’s here! It’s here! Welcome to National Hairball Awareness Day. Thanks to Furminator for raising awareness about cat health and hairballs!

I’m super excited for you to see my official picture. My ginger furs were collected with a Furminator brush. They make a good mustache, right?

Furminator 2013-3

Look at Emma, who also wanted to play along. Sorta. Furminator 2013-1

You can see our other cat friends here.

Remember: comb your cats and visit the vet at least 1x year for a check up. And celebrate National Hairball Awareness Day by giving your kitties some extra love and attention, yo!

Playing With Cat Fur for SPCA of Wake County

Hello, everybody. My name is Scrubby and I am a ginger rescue cats who sometimes pees on things.

My mom used The Furminator to scrub me down and make a version of Conan O’Brien with my fur. Why did she do this? Because she’s crazy — and she needs you to vote for me!

My mom is trying to win money for SPCA of Wake County’s AniMeals program.

What is AniMeals?

This is a community outreach program that removes the logistical and financial burden of providing a nutritious meal for the beloved pets of senior citizens in need. The SPCA has heard of many situations in which this segment of the community will eat half their meal, and give the other half to their pets. This is both unhealthy for the people and their pets.

Did you hear that? Some of your wonderful Nanas and Papas have NO MONEY and LIMITED RESOURCES but still give half of their meals to their cats and dogs.

What? This has to stop. We have to help the seniors in our communities. And animals will help your Nana and Papa live longer.

So vote for me every day. I am Scrubby the Ginger Pee Cat aka Conan O’Brien. And a vote for #teamscrubby is a vote for your grandparents, yo!

PS – I am famous. Check me out in People Magazine and Glamour. Conan’s got nothing on me!

New Litter Boxes: How To Change a Litter Box

Dudes, many of you know that I’m a semi-retired pee cat.

The key to my happiness is good litter and clean litter boxes. Mom uses Dr. Elsey’s Cat Attract and we have four Large Stor-n-Slide™ Underbed Boxes from The Container Store.

But it’s Easter and Passover. Time for a change. The boxes are getting old. Mom wanted to swap out the litter boxes without freaking me out. Here’s how she did it.

Step 1 — don’t change too much.

We like our boxes to smell like us — but not too stinky. So mom scooped out the poops and pee clumps and threw away the old boxes.

She saved the old litter for the new boxes. I need a familiar smell to remind me that the box is mine. Brand new litter can come a different day. Besides, clumping litter helps to keep things relatively clean.

Step 2 — take the opportunity to vacuum like crazy.

We have two litter box “stations” in our unfinished basement. Two boxes at each station. Fancy, right? That’s how we roll, dog. Those litter box stations can be messy. New boxes give us an opportunity for a fresh start. Mom vacuumed the entire basement — as she does every weekend — but this time she took out our litter box rugs and vacuumed them outside.

As dad says — she cray.

And yes that is a ‘breast cancer awareness Dyson‘ that my daddio found on Amazon clearance back in 2008. It’s our 100% dedicated basement vacuum. It works okay, not great. Yes, it’s pinkwashing. Yes, the price was right.

Step 3 — time to replace air filters or anything else that helps to control litter box dust.

We use a Honeywell filter. Works pretty good for the basement.

The key with using an air filters? Keep it pretty far away from the litter box area. It’s about managing dust — not scaring the bejeezus outta the cats, yo.

Step 4 — look good while changing litter boxes.

You gotta have a look, people. Mom has these sexy shoes. She calls them her basement shoes.

For the record, they are not Crocs — although are twice as expensive and just about as ugly. Look at those sexy unshaven tree trunks. Go moms!

They are safety shoes with enforced toes and steel and whatnot. For realsies. She doesn’t mess around with the basement. Safety first, dudes!

Hope this blog post was helpful when you swap out your litter boxes. Wash your litter boxes weekly and get new ones every six months to keep things clean.

And don’t forget to vote for me to win the Furminator contest!